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17th December 2011

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'Lose the beard Glenn!'

Last night I was lucky enough to see Glenn Tilbrook as 21 South Street Arts Centre in Reading. It was the first time I’d seen Glenn live despite having tickets forced upon me in the past only for me to turn them down.

Whilst collecting my ticket from the box office i looked around to see a group of bearded men who looked like a bunch of farmers, that or Reading’s branch of the Jethro Tull appreciation society! It turned out to be the band, and at the back, hidden underneath a ton of facial hair was the man himself, a cross between Guy Garvey and Ray Winstone!

The show was really good fun, lots of banter, lots of smiles from the band and the audience. There was a good mixture of Squeeze and solo material although no ‘Up The Junction’, but I’ll let him off on that one as the rest of the show was just so good.

One thing from the night which really struck me was what an incredible guitarist Tilbrook is! Really impressed.

Glenn Tilbrook, brilliant performer, brilliint songwriter, brilliant guitarist,brilliant night out.

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